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Resident Testimonies

The Sanctuary has

helped me find freedom

from drugs and alcohol

through the power of

Jesus Christ. I am forever grateful for the love, support, and Godly

wisdom they continue to

provide. I now have

hope for my future and a

second family who

continues to inspire me


Stephanie B

When I came here, I had

brought my life into a

tornado of darkness. It

was to the point I did not

know how to crawl out

of my hole any longer.

Isolation, broken trust,

and an emptiness I could

not bear filled me. At

first I was skeptical, not

so much about the

people, but of myself. I

even tried to run, but

they loved me through

it. They patiently waited

as my cage broke open.

They showed me how to

live again. It is a place

with structure, that

teaches routines, ways to

cope with life, and work

therapy. They brought

me back to God, for that

I am forever grateful.

Sara W.

The Sanctuary has made

me feel alive. They have

helped me through so

much. The mission has

brought God into my life

and has made me not

feel negative anymore

and not to be fearful of

anything, to stay

positive always, and

always keep a sober

mind. The Sanctuary has

taught me to always stay

busy with work, and to

praise & worship God.

The Sanctuary Mission

has taught me to stay

strong and never give up

and to stay focused.

Kimberly F.