GED Mentorship – Some of our clients have not completed high school, and we make achieving this level of academic knowledge a focus, with individualized attention.


Parenting Classes – Basic family skills are the bedrock of a solid home, and our staff and volunteers aim to develop practical wisdom for the parent, whether single or married.


Life Skills Mentorship – The needs vary, and individualized instruction and encouragement from a caring mentor will help develop the tools needed for engaging daily life successfully.


Nutrition – We aim to help clients learn about and get serious about maintaining a healthy diet. Change in this one area can yield surprising, tangible, long lasting results.


Health & Hygiene – Focusing on these areas transforms those whom have never considered or concentrated on them. Many other problems can be helped by addressing these areas.


Budgeting – Learning to manage your money is a vital skill. Our goal is to help each client learn to set realistic expectations, and to develop the discipline needed to stay within their means.

Education is a foundational need for people. It is a primary ingredient in securing work and in becoming more confident and stable in life. We are committed to providing for these needs through several platforms.